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Random things you didn't know about your Live Journal friends
LJ Username
Is a pickle thedc
Is a dino lady xoriginalpunkx
Is a squirt los3rbob
Is a neanderthal niniluvsyou
Secretly wants to dye hair an odd colour los3rbob
Has never read a single entry of yours. mikeyruthe
This quiz by livelyhope - Taken 2910 Times.
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The Best LJ Fairy Tale Ever.
LJ Username
You Will Marry devilscompadre
But They Will Cheat On You With xoriginalpunkx
So You Ask niniluvsyou
To Beat Them Up. Then devilscompadre
Will Screw mikeyruthe
And Rob A Bank, Taking $495.54
This Quiz by llxSilhouettexll - Taken 1735 Times.
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Your Livejournal Fairytale
LJ Username
Overall personality type
You will live to be 71
With your love xoriginalpunkx
But they will be stolen away from you by niniluvsyou
You go on a mission to save your love with your trusty sidekick tomorrowsfaerie
Who along the way finds their love in xoriginalpunkx
And in the end, you defeat your arch nemesis tomorrowandme
This quiz by sweetstallion - Taken 2077 Times.
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